Meet the Teachers

Giles and Rosa


Giles and Rosa have a background in Ballet, Jazz, Cross body ON1/2 and Cuban style.   They have trained in France, Italy, the USA and Cuba to hone their skills.  Their experience and understanding in teaching, choreographing and performing has enabled them to develop a thorough Dance Curriculum for their class format based on Technique, Elegance and Style.

They firmly believe that SALSA should be fun and ensure that all their students have a great time  in a very friendly environment!

John and Jo


Jo has always enjoyed dancing from ballet and tap as a child, through the Indie clubs of the 90s, to rock and roll and flamenco. This was all before she discovered salsa! Jo started to learn to dance salsa in Summertown in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. She performed with Giles and Rosa’s Performance Team in 2007 and 2008. She particularly enjoys On1 and On2 salsa and Cha cha cha with a little Cuban style thrown in every now and again. She hopes her enthusiasm for dance shines through and is currently having fun both helping to teach and learning how to lead.

When he went to some dance classes before the leaving ball at sixth form, John thought he had two left feet. However, somehow a friend convinced him to try ballroom dance classes at university, where he discovered just how much fun dancing can be. He started salsa classes in Oxford in 2000, and hasn’t stopped since! He learned to perform at Giles and Rosa’s first performance course in 2007, where he met his future wife Jo. He continues to travel to salsa congresses to develop his skills and do lots of dancing. Since 2012, he has been thoroughly enjoying helping out in Rosa’s classes.

Steven Spooner

Steven has been salsa dancing for over 10 years, and is very keen to help those at the start of their salsa journey.  Steven is an accomplished dancer who recently received an award from Rosa and Giles for his commitment and dedication to Salsa in Summertown, Oxford).  He now assists Rosa teach Level1 courses every Tuesday in Summertown.


Sarah – Social dancing with Paul