Covid Secure

We are excited to welcome you once again to our venue which is Covid Secure.

All classes will be taught by Giles and Rosa. 

Please read carefully our guidelines and classes format

All classes to be booked in advance on  – Strictly no drop-ins.

Please do not attend our classes, if you are experiencing cold, flue or any Covid-related symptoms such as a high temperature, a persistent cough, impaired sense of taste or smell.

No refunds will be processed if less than 24 hours cancellation.

We are strictly following Public Health England guidance.

The details provided, when booking your class(es), will only be used for Track and Trace purposes and kept for 21 days.

We will not request the wearing of face-masks during class but you can, of course, wear one if you wish to.

Anyone flouting the rules will be advised to leave.

On arrival

If driving, please try not to arrive more than 10 minutes before your class (as car park will be full with parents/carers picking up children from previous class at the hall).


Before entering the hall and if early, please queue on pavement observing the Social Distancing guidelines.

Entry/exit to the hall

Entry via the front entrance and exit via the Fire exit at the back of the hall.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the front desk as you come in and we will check you in using the data provided on your class booking. Strictly no drop-ins. There will also be hand sanitiser by the exit door. However we recommend you also bring your own hand sanitiser.

Your dance space

There will be marked dance pods of 2 meters, which you will access from our central buffer zone (of 2meters too). As you enter the hall, proceed to your pod via the central buffer zone and turn either left or right to get to your pod starting from the stage and so on. We will ask you to arrive already changed and leave your belongings by the edge of our pod by wall. Changing of shoes in pod please.

Accessing toilets/ladies changing room

Out of your dance pod via the buffer central zone.  Strict policy of one in one out (no waiting in the ladies changing room).  Please use the anti-bacterial spray before/after use provided by us on door handles and taps (no need to wipe with this product). 


All windows and doors will be kept open for maximum ventilation during classes so please wear layers.

No spectators allowed as we are using the hall to maximum capacity so that you can all have a 2meters dance pod with a 2 meter buffer central zone.

Taking 2 classes? footwork and partnerwork

We have allowed for 15 minutes break between our footwork class and our partnerwork class, to clean surfaces, door handles and taps at the hall. Please remember to either wash or sanitise your hands on arrival, in between classes and on departure.

We hope you understand that to ensure maximum safety, these above measures are necessary and we look forward to re-creating a much fun and friendly environment for all of us to continue learning and sharing our passion for Salsa.

We look forward to seeing you in class, so book your class now as numbers are limited.

Any questions, please do get in touch with Rosa (07775 850386 or

Sending you much Salsa love,

Giles and Rosa